East Providence Police and Wellness Center

East Providence’s Community Center is designed to be a platform for all neighbors to come together.

Intimately integrated within the surrounding context, the 62,000 s.f. concept encapsulates an extensive program accommodating a gym for recreational use, a National Federation of State High School Associations regulated swimming pool, a 300-seat fully functioning auditorium, community conference rooms, workforce training areas, library educator programs, and childcare space all supported by offices for the recreational department, the police department, and emergency management services.

The architecture emphasizes support for the community by activating flexible gathering spaces for potential farmer’s markets, local restaurant highlights, library pop-ups, galleries, meetings, and capabilities for a warming shelter in the event of emergencies. This public space proposal will serve seniors, youth, families, local businesses, and other community organization’s needs.

East Providence, RI
City of East Providence
Civic Community Design & Build

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