Maserati Prototype Showroom

An existing pre-engineered metal storage building was re-purposed to create the first new Maserati prototype showroom to be built in North and South America. A new exterior wall assembly comprising of insulated metal panels and custom-colored louvers was designed to attach to the existing building structure.

A 22’x13’ opening was cut into the exterior wall of the building to create the “Hero Car Display”. This unique design element was achieved by using 1-1/2 thick, anti-glare, anti-reflective glazing that is able to resist wind loads of up to 130 miles per hour.

Along with an array of 15 spotlights and a Barrisol stretched-canvas light above, the Hero Car is backlit by a 16’x12’ video wall display. The European-inspired design of the showroom incorporates lighting and A/V systems that are interactive with the end-user experience. Customers design their vehicles in private consultation suites, which are equipped with vehicle silhouettes, material samples, steering wheel, and rim options. Final designs are displayed on an interactive monitor where a patron views their customized vehicle in 3D. The Launch Pad, where delivered vehicles are received by new Maserati owners, includes interactive wall and ceiling-mounted Barrisol stretched-canvas lighting that adjusts to the color of the vehicle to enhance the overall experience.

Norwood, MA
BOCH Maserati
High End Retail
7,500 square feet

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